GCG’s resource team comprises Geoffrey Ashcroft and a small group of associates,  highly experienced personnel from the gear industry with broad experience in design, forensics and other specialities related to performance.

Geoff Ashcroft

An experienced Engineer, Geoff has been producing and presenting training programs for Gear manufacturing and engineering personnel for over 40 years. Consultant and Business Executive specializing in gear manufacturing technology, and problem solving issues related to manufacture.


More than 50 years experience, on a worldwide basis, in all aspects of the gear industry and the related machine and cutting tool industries. Recognized as an effective specialist in problem solving, and education, marketing and market research-development.


Areas of Effectiveness

  • Manufacturing technology advisor and analyzer
  • Market and Marketing Strategy research and analysis
  • Trouble shooting of manufacturing and quality issues
  • Education of personnel in all aspects of gear manufacturing

Significant Accomplishments

  • Vice President, American Pfauter
  • Vice President, Pfauter-Maag Cutting Tools
  • Director, Overton Gear and Tool

Professional Involvement

  • Heavily involved in the AGMA for thirty years, and a former chairman of the Gear Manufacturing Committee. Produced a set of national skill standards, requirements and examinations for industry personnel as well as presenting the Basic Gear Technology and other courses for the AGMA.

Business History

  • The Herman Pfauter Group – 23 years
  • The Kapp Company 1974-1989 (through American Pfauter)
  • Fellows Gear Shaper 1969-1974
  • Machine Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd. 1965-1969
  • David Brown (UK) 1955-1965

Education and Accomplishments

  • Degree in Manufacturing Engineering with minor in Mechanical Engineering (UK)
  • Apprenticeship in machine building and design, David Brown, (UK)
  • Winner of the “Charles Booth Legacy Award” for production engineering (UK)
  • Co-author of book “Gear Process Dynamics” and author of several papers on gear processing