Why Train Your Employees

Knowledge Training is Key to Gear Manufacturing Success

It’s a reality of manufacturing in any industry — but especially the gear production industry — that timely training of employees in the operation is critical to productivity, safety, efficiency and remaining competitive.

Why Companies Don’t Train

It’s also a fact that many gear-manufacturing companies don’t have ongoing training for their employees, leading to a knowledge gap, especially in the area of troubleshooting. This can lead to lead to excess downtime, quality degradation and high tool costs and even more importantly, a competitive disadvantage. European and Japanese competitors in the gear industry do a much better job ensuring that their employees have the latest knowledge and skill sets.

So why don’t more companies in our industry train? There are many perceived obstacles – the mobility of the workforce with fewer long-term employees, the need to take people off the line, the logistics in sending people to offsite training and the lack of people who are skilled in delivering training in-house. Plus, passing knowledge from more experienced employees to others is more difficult than ever. Apprenticeship programs are long a thing of the past and employees can’t be expected to learn what they need to know simply through osmosis.

Why Your Company Should

In today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment, you can’t afford to have your employees get left behind. Investing in human resources is as important as investing in your facility or a piece of equipment. Having people in your operation who have reinforced knowledge in the latest gear manufacturing procedures and techniques can make your entire operation more profitable, safe, efficient and competitive. Plus, enhanced knowledge and training empowers employees, leading to better work performance, increased employee satisfaction and lower turnover.

And training does not have to disruptive to your daily operation or logistically daunting. We bring the training capability to you, with a comprehensive program that you can implement and schedule as needed, so you’ll always have a capable, productive and motivated workforce.

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