Onsite Gear Manufacturing Training

We Bring Critical  Knowledge to Your Employees

The Gear Consulting Group brings formalized training programs to your facility that are designed to enhance the skill set of your employees while keeping them current on the latest techniques, processes, regulations and standards. A comprehensive training program at your location means greater productivity, increased employee satisfaction and less downtime for your company.

Advantages of Onsite Training

There are many advantages to conducting programs that enhance the skills and knowledge of your workforce at your location. Formalized gear manufacturing training programs have been shown to be most effective if structured in a familiar setting. That’s because training is conducted where the learning will be applied—at your plant, using your machines, processes and components.

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Programs customized for your gear manufacturing processes

Gear Consulting Group teams with you to build a training program tailored to your operation:

  • We’ll meet with leaders in your company to determine the skill levels and job responsibilities of the people that need to be trained
  • We then identify the knowledge required to fulfill the job responsibilities as well as prerequisites in education, experience and previous training
  • Knowledge gaps that need to be filled are identified, with a particular focus on the changing nature and growing learning requirements of the industry
  • Customized training modules are developed for entry-level people in the categories as well as those with more skills and experience
  • We produce all required training manuals and other materials for each module and level
  • We “train the trainer” so you can have the on-demand training capability to ensure a skilled workforce with a thorough knowledge of the latest procedures and techniques.

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